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The difference of the structure of submerged electrode boiler

2021-12-30 18:00:09

At present, the structure types that can be seen in the domestic market generally have two categories and three categories. Two categories refer to: submerged electrode boiler and jet electrode boiler. The submerged electrode boiler can be divided into full submerged electrode boiler and semi-submerged electrode boiler.

Submerged electrode boiler can also be called submWhat are the structural modes of vacuum boilerserged electrode boiler. The "high pressure" in the high voltage electrode boiler refers to the main use of 10KV, 20KV or even 35KV high voltage power supply, directly as the working power supply of the high voltage electrode boiler, introduced into the boiler, the use of water in the boiler can conduct electricity under a specific conductivity characteristics, into hot water for heating.

The submerged electrode boiler can be used as an electrode hot water boiler or as an electrode steam boiler (electric steam boiler). At present, only our company can realize the application of fully immersed structure with hot water boiler and steam boiler manufacturers at the same time.

The fully immersed electrode boiler is a new type of environmental protection boiler, which can utilize new energy sources such as wind and water power, not affected by voltage fluctuations, and balance the power grid load.

What are the structural modes of vacuum boilers

Vacuum boiler, that is, vacuum hot water boiler, as the most popular commercial system heating equipment on the market, has been widely used in office buildings, hotels, large shopping malls and other places, with excellent heating effect. At the same time, because the working pressure of the vacuum boiler is lower than 0.07MPa, it does not belong to the category of national special equipment, and it does not need to carry out annual inspection when it is used in peacetime, nor does it need a certified fireman, and the user can save some manpower and material resources and save the usual operating costs.

The structure of vacuum hot water boilers can be divided into two types, wet-back (FGR-type) structure or water-tube structure. In general, water-tube vacuum boilers use premixed burners, which are developed by each manufacturer themselves, and require specific parts for maintenance. The vacuum boiler of wet-back structure can use a universal burner, and the furnace is narrow and long. The furnace of the vacuum boiler is completely wrapped by the internal heat medium water, and the heat is uniform and the output is stable.

The vacuum hot water boiler of wet-back structure adopted by our company has access ports at both ends of the boiler furnace body for easy maintenance and repair.

Measures for reducing nitrogen oxides in vacuum hot water boilers

Vacuum hot water boilers can use different fuels, such as natural gas and oil, according to the actual conditions of the user's site.

The Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China and the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People's Republic of China control the discharge of boiler pollutants, prevent and control air pollution, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection formulates the Boiler Air Pollutant Discharge Standards. According to the requirements of local environmental protection departments, our ZWNS gas-fired vacuum boiler can reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to 80mg/m3, 60mg/m3 or even 30mg/m3. The level of nitrogen oxides is mainly determined by whether the fuel is sufficiently burned.

At present, there are two main ways to reduce nitrogen oxides in our vacuum boilers. First, by using high-quality burners, the fuel is burned more fully, and the emission of pollution sources is reduced from the promotion of combustion methods. The second is to set up four flue gas return (FGR gas recirculation system) in the boiler, the ordinary vacuum boiler for the flue gas three return, through the vacuum hot water boiler burner to the internal flue gas heat combustion utilization, combustion is more full, heat exchange is more thorough.

At the same time, the vacuum boiler of our company can not only ensure the emission of low nitrogen oxides, but also increase the thermal efficiency of the vacuum hot water boiler to 94.6% (without the energy-saving device), and the performance is stable.



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