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Use process of gas vacuum hot water boiler

2021-12-22 10:46:52

Gas vacuum hot water boiler in the combustion process of its fuel will be useful by the spiral feeder useful into its furnace, where because of its high temperature flue gas and the role of the primary wind gradually preheat, dry, fire, combustion, biomass boiler in such a process will be divided into a lot of evaporation points, burning violently.

Environmental emissions and combustion process of biomass boilers? After the high temperature flue gas produced by the gas boiler is useful for washing the primary heating surface of the boiler, it is useful for entering the tail heating surface economizer and air preheater of the boiler, and then it is useful for the dust collector and discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney.

The fuel side that has not been vaporized in the gas boiler moves to the back of the grate, and the remaining small amount of ash will be useful to fall into the slag removal port behind the grate until it is burned out. The discharge of the equipment in the process of operation is very environmentally friendly and convenient for ash discharge. The rear of the gas boiler is useful to be arranged with a spiral slag machine, which can be useful to complete its continuous ash cleaning in the process of work, and the flue at the end of the equipment is arranged with a dust collector, which can ensure that the dust emission meets the requirements of its environmental protection to a certain extent.

In the process of working, the power used by the gas boiler is generally on 80%%u4EE5, the larger the type of equipment, the more abundant the fuel will be in the process of burning, the power used by the equipment will become higher, and it can also be useful to reach 88.3%.%u71C3 gas boiler can be useful to complete a multi-purpose furnace. The heating of the equipment can be used for bathing, boiling water and cooking, and the entire equipment uses its super-strong converter



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