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Classification of fully submerged electrode boilers

2021-07-19 14:15:28

Classification of fully submerged electrode boilers

With the proposal of China's "carbon peak, carbon neutral" goal, more and more clean energy will enter people's vision, and electrode boilers are also gradually gaining market favor as products to replace coal boilers.

At present, the structure of 10KV high-voltage electrode boiler in China is mainly divided into two categories, submerged electrode boiler and jet electrode boiler. Restricted by the domestic 10kv high voltage characteristics, the three-phase four-wire injection electrode boiler must be gradually withdrawn from the Chinese market。

Fully submerged electrode boilers are generally divided into semi-submerged electrode boilers and fully submerged electrode boilers. Fully immersed electrode boilers generally take the route of technology imports, while semi-immersed boilers are generally domestically developed. Since the 1940s and 1950s, European and American countries have launched the research and development, production and operation activities of electrode boilers, so from the maturity of technology, fully immersed electrode boilers have more advantages.

As Canada ACME Engineering Product Ltd., China's exclusive authorized manufacturer, Shangneng Boiler through the introduction of technology, according to the actual needs of Chinese customers to the European and American technology localization, very suitable for urban central heating, wind and water consumption, power station start-up and other application scenarios.



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