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Shangneng Boiler successfully obtained Class A boiler manufacturing license

2020-12-17 10:51:01

        From November 25 to November 27, the A-class boiler review group organized by China Special Equipment Testing and Research Institute, composed of Liang Lin, Wang Zhe, Sheng Level, Ye Xiaoru and other experts, visited Zhejiang Shangneng Boiler Co., LTD., and conducted A comprehensive review and appraisal of our company's qualification conditions, quality assurance system and product plate. The A-class boiler forensics obtained the strong support of Shaoxing Special equipment testing Institute, and President Zhao Xingbo also participated in the forensics meeting. Our general manager Mr. Chen Dianfang, deputy general manager Mr. Fan Xinguo Mr. Fu Haizhong and the company's technical backbone attended the meeting.

                         First meeting                    Expert leadership


        The expert group conducted on-site review of the production workshop of our company, and put forward affirmative and improvement suggestions to our company. Our company actively listened to the suggestions of the expert group and continued to work hard on the basis of carrying forward the original advantages.

                       On-site review                            On-site review


        Through this review, around the future acceleration of the development of enterprises, product upgrading, quality improvement and cost reduction and efficiency, in technology research and development, quality assurance improvement and basic standard management and other links, details, the expert group also put forward very valuable improvement, amendment and improvement of opinions and suggestions. In this regard, Mr. Chen Dianfang, general manager of the company, expressed sincere thanks on behalf of all the employees of the company, and said that in the current and new round of licensing period, continue to work hard, strengthen learning, accelerate development, temper stable qualifications, and better develop to live up to everyone's expectations.



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