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How to deal with the ignition problem of gas vacuum hot water boiler

2021-12-22 10:50:33

In the whole process of gas boiler application, it is necessary to ignite, and failure to ignite is also a common fault throughout. Gas boiler in the whole process of application, it is very easy to hit the fire, resulting in gas boiler can not all work normally, Zhejiang Shangneng boiler manufacturer for you to introduce in detail the gas vacuum hot water boiler can not be burned throughout several types of reasons.

The gas boiler can not be incinerated for the general reasons: rectifier problem: pulse incinerator and control board if there is a common failure in one of the parties, the gas boiler can not be operated. Set the boiler ignition working pressure is too high or too low, will not be within the scope of the ignition treatment method: check the boiler working pressure, to see whether the working pressure is within the range of the burner incineration working pressure, in order to actual operation in the control box.

Typical gas vacuum boiler can not ignite the main reasons and treatment methods of natural gas inlet working pressure is too low or too high, the burner does not ignite. Treatment method: Query the burner inlet pressure gauge to see whether the working pressure is the working pressure water level problem of the composite boiler: the water in the gas boiler seepage area can not be passed normally, the boiler water level is too low, lower than the very low water level of the boiler, the boiler is thoroughly franchised chain, and the burner is not incinerated.

Treatment method: Check whether the boiler water level is lower than the very low water level of the boiler, and clean the filter plug. Relay problem: If the gas boiler only hears the sound of the ignition, there is no relay "click" magnetic absorption sound, it is likely to be damaged or embrittlement for the relay, and the relay embrittlement will not be operated, and the fire will be started under the absorption at the beginning of the incineration, but then the fire will be stopped.



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