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1. No electrode arc is generated

● The electrode in the ACME CEJW type electrode hot water boiler is inserted into the water, the water will generate current, the current directly generates heat in the water, there is no position to generate arc;

● ACME CEJW electrode type hot water boiler avoids the arc risk of jet type boiler through the design of low conductivity of furnace water and high precision control of boiler output;

● Jet boilers require a teflon coating inside the cylinder (the material will peel off over time) to prevent arc pulling.

2. Power adjustment

● Power regulation range: 10%-100%, in this range can achieve stepless energy regulation, and has rapid adjustment performance;

● Thermal efficiency: >99.5%, the measured boiler thermal efficiency is 99.8%, the lifetime of the system thermal efficiency ≥98%;

● Can be raised from minimum to maximum heat supply or vice versa within 60 seconds;

● Starting time: with good starting control function, under full load operation, it can reach the predetermined design temperature within 8-10 minutes.

3. The startup time is short

● The cold start time of ACME CEJW type electrode hot water boiler is short, from the water temperature of 20℃ to the design water temperature is less than 20 minutes.

4. Unattended operation can be realized

● The automatic control device equipped with ACME CEJW electrode type hot water boiler can realize complete automatic control, and has both manual and automatic control functions.

● The boiler has process automation functions such as program control, automatic heating, overheat protection, compound adjustment and shutdown, which can ensure the safe operation of the boiler and realize unattended operation.

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