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Zhejiang Shangneng Boiler Co., Ltd

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Zhejiang Shangneng Boiler CO., LTD. (ZSB) is a nation high-tech enterprise, which is devoted to cleanenergy storage field since 2007, the year of Shangneng establishment. So far, ZSB has got ASME U+S and A-Class Boiler Manufacture Certification. ZWNS vacuum boiler, A-Class Boiler and high voltage immersed electrode boiler play a vital role as the foundation of thecompany's development. Shaneng will offer a profession and customizedheating system all the time, and reach to a win-win situation with customers.

In 2017, Shangneng started strategic deployment in new energy filed. Since then, ACME Engineering Prod. Ltd. appointed Shangneng as their exclusive representative as high voltage electrode boilers manufacturer, and negotiator in China. Being a practitioner of emission-    free strategy, high-efficient, intelligent and safe boiler system is our duty to provide.

Shangneng insists on innovation, introduction, and absorption of technologies. So far, more than 80 patents were authorized. Meantime, Shangneng won with various kinds of awards and honors, for example, nation Little Giant, Nation important new production, etc.

Owning a provincial Clean Energy Storage R&D Center and a good relationship with ACME enhance Shangneng’s R&D strength. More than 2300 users are served in past years, such as Huaneng Group, Jingneng Group, the State Grid Investment, etc., Shangneng established a good reputation. On the other side, a few rebuild of centralize heating cases were implemented among China, like in Beijing, Xinjiang , and Gansu. All of these cases enrich experience for all kinds of industries.

We hope and spare no effort to become an expert in heating system through good character as innovation, honesty and hard-working. It’s our duty to warm up the whole world. We believe high starting point would create a well-known brand, high-tech would create superior quality and high-quality would create good service all the time. Shangneng Boiler, born with unlimited potential.

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