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Key points of vacuum boiler, resistance boiler and electrode boiler

2021-12-30 17:58:23

The 14th Five-Year Plan and the Outline of Vision Goals for 2035 have defined key tasks, including improving the dual control targets of total energy consumption and intensity, promoting clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient use of energy, and deepening and steadily advancing low-carbon transformation in industry, construction, transportation and other sectors.

For industrial, construction, urban construction and other fields, heating boilers such as gas boilers, natural gas boilers or electric boilers, as a common choice of heat source for application scenarios, users in the selection process, how to choose their own heating boilers.

1. Heating area size

The size of the heating area directly determines the selection of heating boilers. Simply put, it can be divided into 20,000 square meters of heating area. When the vacuum hot water boiler is used as a heating boiler, due to the technology and product characteristics, when the power or heating area is greater than 20,000 square meters, the volume is huge. As a manufacturer, there is no problem in the production of large boilers, mainly related to the follow-up transport height limit problem, so the vacuum boiler is the first choice for heating boilers in large shopping malls, office buildings and other places. And urban central heating, it is suitable to use electrode boiler as heating boiler.

2. Energy constraints

At present, some areas are subject to the phenomenon of insufficient natural gas supply, and at the same time, they are restricted by the high price of industrial electricity. Then the resistance boiler is a choice for the user as a heating boiler. The resistance boiler uses 380V low-voltage electricity, without the need to invest in new transformers and other equipment, compared with the electrode boiler, under the premise of similar energy efficiency, the power is easy to obtain, the power is small, and it is more economical.

As a professional manufacturer of heating boilers such as gas boilers, natural gas boilers, electrode boilers and resistance boilers, our company has rich project experience in the heating industry, and tries its best to meet the needs of users and ensure the professionalism of heating boiler projects.



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